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Our Story

Brfur started in the winter of 2014 after Cai Dickman (founder / owner) wanted to make his own pair of snowboarding mittens.  The current mittens he had fell apart fairly quickly after some long use on the slopes and during use in other activities.  No surprise that after looking at the tag of the mittens the words "Made in China" were listed.  It was time to make his own pair of mittens that would perform really well and last for a really long time. 


He started on the development of the mittens, making the patterns himself, sewing the prototypes together on a machine, starting all over, and sewing again until a good design was developed.  The next step was determining which materials would be used on the mittens to ensure they were high quality and performed really well.  It took months of testing and research, but he finally found the materials he wanted, all Made in USA.  More prototypes were made and tested for performance and quality until the final product was reached.  The new Brfur Trekker Mittens were finally released with a few other product offerings in the fall of 2015. 


Now that the 2015 / 2016 winter season is over, Brfur is working on developing more products for the next winter season that are all Made in USA, start to finish.  As we develop and release products, we will continue to pursue our values of making high quality USA products, connecting with our customers, and making a global impact for the better.