Let's be honest and admit that most of us find ourselves with busy schedules and cluttered minds (filled with Facebook, Netflix, TV, video games, etc.) that prevents us from enjoying the beautiful outdoors that surrounds us all.  I know I (Cai) fall into that category often which has led me to the 30OUT challenge.  

30OUT is a 30 day challenge to break the busy cluttered mind cycle, take a breath, relax, and enjoy the outdoors.  This challenge offers no medal or trophy, but I think it will help you get back into the habit of spending more time in the outdoors where you can relax, reflect, and recharge.  

Below are the details you need to do 30OUT.

The challenge:

For 30 days straight, go find a place outdoors where there is solitude and spend at least 30 minutes each day just taking it in (ex. my solitude would be near a lake in northern Wisconsin where the forest surrounds me and nobody is around).  No technology is allowed (so no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TV etc.) during your 30+ minutes each day BUT a journal and writing mechanism is.  I suggest that you journal as you go about your 30OUT challenge, writing or drawing out how the challenge is affecting you and what you are learning along the way.  If you need a journal, we have a 30OUT edition available here for $6 plus shipping (approx. $3) and will be in your hands before the challenge starts if you order on or before February 13th.

Start date / end date:

30OUT will start on Feb 19th and end on March 20th.

How to follow event:

Go to our Facebook page here and click on the "30OUT Challenge" event, indicating that you're "Interested" or "Going" or just keep track of the event dates on your own!

That's all it takes!  Share 30OUT with those around you and let's go outdoors together! 

Cai Dickman
Owner / Founder of Brfur