Nikwax Glove Proof

Nikwax Glove Proof

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Getting caught in the great snowy outdoors with freezing hands due to poor waterproofing on your mittens or gloves?  It's the worst.  Eliminate that problem with this easy waterproofing solution from Nikwax.


-Adds water repellency.
-Prolongs life and performance of all leather and fabric gloves.
-Maintains breathability.
-Maintains palm grip.
-Conditions leather replacing tanning agents in leather gloves.
-Can be applied to wet or dry gloves.
-Easy to apply - can be used indoors unlike solvent sprays.
-Water based formula is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non flammable, non hazardous.
-Does not contain fluorocarbons.
-Guaranteed performance for 4 years from manufacture.