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Why Buy Brfur?

You may have seen an invite to “like” Brfur on Facebook or check out our products on your Facebook timeline and wondered “what is Brfur and why should I care?” Those thoughts are valid, as I would typically feel the same way for any sort of similar Facebook post. Whatever your feelings were when you saw the post or invite (maybe no feelings if you aren’t my “Facebook friend”), I want to share with you what makes Brfur different compared to other outdoor apparel companies, big and small.


When I started Brfur, I had three main goals in mind; make high quality product, develop strong relationships with our customer base and communities, and innovate products to make them better than the competitors. Those probably sound like goals that every other company strives for, but I want to break them down into more detail individually:


Make high quality product-


I believe there are a lot of individual decisions that make up high quality product. One decision is choosing who will make your product. At Brfur, we are proud to say that we cut, sew, and finish all of our products in Wisconsin, USA. This is significant to us because it keeps money in the states, allows us to inspect each piece for high quality sewing practices, and ensures our products were created ethically compared to other countries.


Not only do we cut, sew, and finish all of our products in Wisconsin, USA; we also source all of our materials from U.S. manufacturers. Again, this keeps money within the United States, ensures a high quality material with strong accountability, and also ensures that the manufacturing process is much more ethical than other countries.


Lastly, each product that we make receives a tag that is signed by the person who made the product after the quality inspection approval. This guarantees the quality of your product and lets you know who made it.



Develop strong relationships with our customer base and communities-


Establishing strong relationships with customers and communities are viewed as a privilege for us. We want to be a company that is very in tune with what our customers want and what their surrounding communities need. If a customer receives a product that isn’t the best fit for them, we want to get them the right product as fast as we can, no questions asked. We also want to be involved in communities as best we can through things like sponsorship of outdoor events or outdoor development opportunities such as developing bike trails. If you have a question for us, we want to talk with you directly and help you out in any way we can. If a conversation goes for an hour, that’s fine with us; just make sure you offer a cup of coffee.


Innovate products to make them better than the competitors-


Innovation starts with choosing the right materials. At Brfur, we have taken time to test out various materials to ensure we only supply the best for the necessary performance standard. For example, we developed abrasion testing on materials for our Explorer and Trekker mittens to ensure they could handle rough wear and tear before we released them. Now we know they can.


Secondly, innovation lies in good design of products. Throughout the development of patterns for our mittens and beanies we went through many small, intricate changes to ensure the end product was going to be the best design possible. This development consisted of numerous prototypes, testing, and pattern making to reach the final product release. Looking back, we wouldn’t change a thing because good design is very important to our business.


The three goals above might sound like marshmallow fluff, but they are the backbone that supports Brfur’s daily operations. I hope this post helps you understand a little bit more about our business and how we are different compared to other companies. We want to be an outdoor apparel company that makes quality product, serves you, our customer, strives for innovative products, and makes small, but intentional changes in the world to make it a better place for us all. I hope you take one minute to share this post with your friends and family and check out our online store. Thanks for reading and go make a difference in the world today.


Cai Dickman




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