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$105 Dollar Mittens!?

Yes, as you may have noticed, our Brfur Trekker Mitts are $105.  For most people, that seems like a good chunk of change.  How in the world could someone spend $105 dollars on a pair of winter mittens when they can get a pair for $15 at Walmart?  Why in the world would someone spend $105? 

We know our mittens are more expensive than some others that are out there, but there are a lot of good reasons why they are.

1. They are made using high quality U.S. materials unlike mittens made overseas.

2. Each pair is handcrafted start to finish ensuring high quality construction.

3. Our mittens are made in the USA where we pay a good wage to our workers and take care of them like family.

4. Foreign clothing manufacturers typically compromise personal care of their workers, mainly by poor working conditions and an unlivable wage.

5. Really, the $15 mittens you buy will last you for 1-2 years until they start to get holes and will most likely get soaking wet after one use.  Brfur mittens will last you 6-8 years at minimum with no holes and no wet hands.  If you do the math, our mittens are the better choice.

Buying Brfur products shouldn't be like a lot of quick buy decisions we tend to make day to day.  Instead, you should first be informed about our products; what materials we use, who makes them, and then hopefully you want to buy some. We want all of our customers to be informed on how all of our products are made.  No secrets, just true genuine products and customer service.

Take a minute and think about whether you are buying outdoor gear that is made responsibly.  For mittens and beanies, we are giving you a good choice.  

Questions? Send us an email at cdickman@brfur.com or comment below.


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