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$105 Dollar Mittens!?

Yes, as you may have noticed, our Brfur Trekker Mitts are $105.  For most people, that seems like a good chunk of change.  How in the world could someone spend $105 dollars on a pair of winter mittens when they can get a pair for $15 at Walmart?  Why in the world would someone spend $105?  We know our mittens are more expensive than some others that are out there, but there are a lot of good reasons why they are. 1. They are made using high quality U.S. materials unlike mittens made overseas. 2. Each pair is handcrafted start to finish ensuring high...

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Why Buy Brfur?

You may have seen an invite to “like” Brfur on Facebook or check out our products on your Facebook timeline and wondered “what is Brfur and why should I care?” Those thoughts are valid, as I would typically feel the same way for any sort of similar Facebook post. Whatever your feelings were when you saw the post or invite (maybe no feelings if you aren’t my “Facebook friend”), I want to share with you what makes Brfur different compared to other outdoor apparel companies, big and small.   When I started Brfur, I had three main goals in mind;...

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