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Getting Started in Mountaineering

It's pretty simple to get started in mountaineering, but buyer beware; it requires a lot of time to obtain the knowledge to climb the peaks you see on TV or on your desktop background. For most people in the US, mountaineering can start with simple hiking trails and move up to hiking 14ers such as those located in Colorado (peaks above 14,000 feet of elevation).  Learning the class breakdown... Non-glacier climbs are rated by difficulty of the route from class 1 - class 5.15d.  The break down for each of these classes follows below. Beginner Classes: Class 1 is hiking up a well...

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Getting Started in Rock Climbing

I spent years watching people at our college climbing wall, wanting to join in but holding back for fear of not fitting in/not knowing what I was doing/having people watch me do something I would probably be bad at. I would have started sooner if I could have done it without an audience—but if you’ve ever been to a climbing gym, you know that a constant crowd is a reality. I finally worked up the courage to start climbing the summer after my junior year and fell in love. The crowd I had assumed to be judgmental and clique-y was open...

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