Nature In The City?

Can a nature lover thrive in a city?

A year ago, I would have said “no”. 

That was before I realized the ease of navigating a city by bike, and how little I need a car. 

It was before I knew living in Chicago and working downtown meant I could see Lake Michigan every single day.

...before I found the wonder of the complete silence of the normally bustling streets while taking a walk in the rain.

...before learning that Chicago has sprawling green spaces for residents to enjoy, and in some of these parks I can spin all the way around without seeing any cars or tall buildings.

...before observing how the wild animals have adapted to their urban habitat.

I would have said “no” before I moved to Chicago, and realized nature lovers aren’t pigeon-holed into only liking “pristine” places. We are wired to find beauty in the outdoor world--wherever we are.

And for now, I’m going to enjoy the nature of the city.


Written by Kelsey Barrett
Brfur Brand Ambassador

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