How To Make Your Own Fire Starters!

What you need:

  • A cheap pot that you don’t mind getting dirty (check out your local thrift store)
  • Recycled paper egg cartons
  • Wax (recycled from candles or new from a craft store)
  • Saw dust / wood shavings (ask any woodworker friend)

The process:

1. Lay out newspaper and set your egg cartons on it with the edges touching.


2. Pour sawdust into the egg cartons and spread evenly (don’t overfill).

3. Melt the wax in the pot over a fire or on your stove (I suggest melting outside so your house doesn’t smell like random candle fragrances).


The wax in this picture made 60 individual fire starters (12 starters per egg carton).

4. Slowly pour the wax over the egg cartons filled with saw dust.  During this process you want to make sure each egg slot is saturated with wax.  Slow and steady.

5. After the wax has started to cool (1-2 minutes), use your fingers or a spoon to compress the sawdust in each egg carton slot.


6. If needed, add more wax to each fire starter (if you don’t plan on throwing your fire starters around, you don’t need as much wax per starter; it's purpose is to solidify the starters).

7. After last wax pour and each starter is compressed, let them sit for 20 minutes or until solid.

Enjoy starting your next fire with ease by breaking off one fire starter and lighting it up!


Written by Cai Dickman
Brfur Brand Ambassador


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