5 Stretches For Outdoor Recreation

Hey everyone, William Koepke here.  I'm a Certified Athletic Trainer and Head Speed and Strength Coach for D1 Training Stevens Point and Stevens Point Orthopedics.  My goal here is to share articles for minimalist training to help create a more robust and resilient body for enjoyment in the outdoors.

Below is the REKT Top 5 Recovery Movements for at home training for improved outdoor recreation.  These exercises can be utilized either prior or after outdoor activity.

NOTE: If any of the following movements cause pain, seek qualified coaching assistance.

Couch Stretch - A common area of tightness and shortness for people as we age, sit, commute, and live in our office settings are the hip flexors and quadriceps muscles.  This stretch allows for restoring full range of motion in the hip and knee while also allowing for antagonist muscle activation in the glutes and hamstrings. Work towards multiple one minute holds per side.

Squat Stretch - Working on restoring full ROM to the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back.  Spend some time in this bottom position with side to side and rotational movements. If you find you suck at it, spend more time there.  Use an upright to control tension, depth, and balance. Shoot for 5-10 minutes spread throughout the day.


Quadruped Rocking Groin Stretch - Hands and knees position rocking hips forward and backward.  The hip adductors are an often stiff area in individuals, especially those who sit during the day.  20 reps each side should help open you up.


Quadruped Thoracic Spine Rotation - Hand and Knees position while alternating a reach under with a reach up.  Rotation for the upper back and active pec stretch. 10 - 20 reps each side broken into smaller sets.

Straight Leg Kick Back to Lateral Hip Arc - The lateral hip or glute med is often neglected in linear outdoor recreation. The hip abductors stabilize the knee during uneven terrain and dynamic movements.  Strengthen that booty. Hands and Knees position. Kick straight back with one leg then maintain foot level with hip as you sweep it out to the side and back again. Start with multiple small sets then add reps in the following weeks.


Written by William Koepke
Brfur Brand Ambassador


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