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How To Make Your Own Fire Starters!

What you need: A cheap pot that you don’t mind getting dirty (check out your local thrift store) Recycled paper egg cartons Wax (recycled from candles or new from a craft store) Saw dust / wood shavings (ask any woodworker friend) The process: 1. Lay out newspaper and set your egg cartons on it with the edges touching.   2. Pour sawdust into the egg cartons and spread evenly (don’t overfill). 3. Melt the wax in the pot over a fire or on your stove (I suggest melting outside so your house doesn’t smell like random candle fragrances).   The...

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Car Camping / Day Hike Pack Lists

We've all forgotten something when we car camp or go out for a day hike.  Make sure you pack everything you need next time with the lists below. Have something to add?  Comment below!   Written by Cai DickmanBrfur Brand Ambassador

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Winter Camping 101

Alpine camping or winter camping is a great activity for outdoor enthusiasts. In my opinion it can be more comfortable than camping in summer, as you can always bundle up more whereas in the summer there is not much you can do about a muggy tent. My aim with this article is to give an introduction to the basics of winter/alpine camping to set yourself up for a safe and fun experience. Much of your preparation will depend on the trip itself, as proximity to a car or civilization in general will determine how light you can pack and how...

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10 Winter Activities You Can Do Right Now

Winter can feel really long—especially after you’ve been cooped up for a few months with a few more months looming ahead of you. Here are some ideas for getting outside and having a good time! 1. Try a new winter sport This is a huge category, but it includes ice skating, ice fishing, downhill skiing/snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, etc. Many state and county parks have cross country skis and snowshoes available for rent if you don’t already own the gear—it’s a great way to try an activity without the need for a large investment.  For ice skates, try renting them from a...

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Getting Started in Mountaineering

It's pretty simple to get started in mountaineering, but buyer beware; it requires a lot of time to obtain the knowledge to climb the peaks you see on TV or on your desktop background. For most people in the US, mountaineering can start with simple hiking trails and move up to hiking 14ers such as those located in Colorado (peaks above 14,000 feet of elevation).  Learning the class breakdown... Non-glacier climbs are rated by difficulty of the route from class 1 - class 5.15d.  The break down for each of these classes follows below. Beginner Classes: Class 1 is hiking up a well...

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